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There is nothing mundane about photography. Each new image to create is a challenge, a new learning experience, an interest, a memory…

Pro Design Photographers pulls out the stops to cater for the unyielding demands of clients and customers. This is achieved through experience, always striving to capture emotions, moments in time, portray the essence of beauty, and create something, even out of nothing.
Pro Design Photographers is proficient in using medium and large format equipment covering all aspects of photography including portraiture, commercial, architecture, advertising, corporate, documentary, environmental, fashion, fine art and macro.

Categories embody a variety of styles and subjects, so please, have a preview of past images captured by Pro Design Photographers.


Vladimir Dhondt is the president of the VZW Afraids. VZW Afraids is a non-profit organization based in Belgium. The primary function of the VZW Afraids is to raise funds for the House of Resurrection Haven and there secondary function is AIDS Awareness.

VZW Afraids is organising an international Aids Awareness event and fundraiser, called Afraids Gives Back. It will take place on November 29 at the EPRU Stadium in aid of the House of Resurrection Haven. The event will open with a glamorous fashion show.

Stock Photos are photos which are available for rental or purchase for commercial use. They can be obtained from an image bank, as this one, or on disks which can be purchased from us. Different price scales apply to images according to their quality, their resolution, and how specialized their subject matter is. The benefit to designers of stock photos is that they are much less expensive than hiring photographers and producing original images.

On the flipside, many of these images cannot be purchased exclusively, and they are often used to within an inch of its commercial lifespan. Choosing to use stock photography is easy on a budget, but it may force you to compromise the originality of your designs. When they are used well, stock photos are an invaluable way to add life to a piece. Now you can purchase images through our site, simply follow the easy instructions provided with clarity and comfort.